-Version with external dinette: a large dinette fully customizable is situated on the cockpit. This area can be covered with curtaining. In this version the tender or the Jet Ski find housing on the stern platform.

-Version with sundeck on the cockpit: a comfortable sundeck is located on the cockpit. Under the sundeck there is a large hangar that can hold a tender until 3 meters of length.

-Version with central stair: in the interior living area that is a large open space with hard top, is located the stair of access to the sleeping area. The stair is located in the centre of the lounge area, behind the seats of command. In this version the owner's cabin is located on the bow; the access to the bathroom is behind the bed, it means that the bed is located in the centre cabin. For the guest there is two cabin s with twin beds, each with its own bathroom.

-Version with stair on the side: in this configuration, the steering console occupies three-quarters of the maximum beam and at its side it is situated the stair to access to the sleeping area on the below deck. The owner cabin is situated on centre boat with slop-room and a bathroom that is very particular for its important size. At the bow is placed the VIP cabin, while the guest cabin with two twin beds, is located on the left side of the craft.

-Version 4-cabins: ideal solution for owners who intend to use the boat for charter and offer to the clients a yacht with such personality and different from the normal range of boats for hire that it is usually on the market. This version is also the right solution for large families who don’t want renounce to a yacht with sport character.

-Full custom version: if you love the most functionality and flexibility of the craft. On the cockpit you can get a "hybrid" solution between the dinette and sundeck. In practice, the sundeck is convertible into a comfortable sofa, near of is located the dining table. In the interior, you can design any solution to satisfy all your exigencies.


(text by "BM magazine" di Luglio 2008)

High class and a strong sporting character blend in Leonard72 Open, the first express boat of the Leonard shipyard.

The Leonard72 Open is a all black boat, extremely aggressive, very high performance, but with a high class level, Two engine for a total powerful of 3100 hp, with surface's propellers Arneson system.
Lines very clean of the external design, and indoors minimalist style, characterized by colours contrasts between woods, leather and mosaic tiles.

It is impressive the refinement of elegance in every areas and even in the owner’s bathroom that in this boat is a true "cabin" made at the top of the bow. It’s very particular the configuration of the owner cabin. It’s located at the middle of the boat, so it uses the maximum beam of the boat.

At the stern is located the crew cabin with bathroom and the kitchen that in this position it allows to cook without invading the privacy of the guests.

In every cabin it also can be obtained neon atmosphere, thanks to the spread of coloured lights. The lounge on deck, is a masterpiece of architecture.

Sofas and chairs are disposed in a balanced manner tin the living area.